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The Technology Personnel should have the Necessary Skills

Valve Cover Gasket May 15, 2012

data recovery Skills Data recovery needs Data recovery is higher industry with a technical content, data recovery technology personnel need to have the compilation language and software application skills, also need to electronic maintenance and mechanical maintenance and disk technology. First: the software application and assembly language foundation In the case of the data recovery, the problem of software level accounted for two-thirds of proportion, such as file lost or destroyed, partition table, database destructive, and these need to have the Windows, Linux, of DOS and Mac operating system, and master the data structure of mac operating system, need some data recovery tools and disassembly tool skilled application. The second: electronic circuit maintenance skills In the hard drive failure, circuit fault occupy about ten percent of the proportion, most is the resistance burned down and chip burned, as a technical personnel, must have the electronic circuit knowledge and has welding technology. Third: mechanical maintenance skills Along with the increase of hard drive capacity, the structure of the hard drive is also more and more complex, head and motor fault has become more common, open quotation technology has become a data recovery engineer must-have skills. Directory: A: the reason causes data loss and damage. 1: hardware: circuit boards damaged, head damaged, motor damage, RAID card damage, dish ark damage, and so on. 2: software: partition table damage, and the zoning can't open, incorrect format, incorrect delete, mistakenly cloning, hacker attacks, virus damages the and so on. Skills Data recovery needs Data recovery is higher industry with a technical content, data recovery technology personnel need to have the compilation language and software application skills, also need to electronic maintenance and mechanical maintenance and disk technology. First: the software application and assembly language foundation In the case of the data recovery, the problem of software level accounted for two-thirds of proportion, such as file lost or destroyed, partition table, database destructive, and these need to have the Windows, Linux, of DOS and Mac operating system, and master the data structure of mac operating system, need some data recovery tools and disassembly tool skilled application. The second: electronic circuit maintenance skills In the hard drive failure, circuit fault occupy about ten percent of the proportion, most is the resistance burned down and chip burned, as a technical personnel, must have the electronic circuit knowledge and has welding technology. data recovery Third: mechanical maintenance skills Along with the increase of hard drive capacity, the structure of the hard drive is also more and more complex, head and motor fault has become more common, open quotation technology has become a data recovery engineer must-have skills. The method to first recover after data loss (soft restoration) : 1: mistakenly formatted recovery method: Failure causes this: The most typical fault is redo system and used DOS FORMAT command to disk C for formatting, but finished the system and logo into the system that D or E partition data lost. Such is the reason that cause the problem in DOS format C under no formatting the C but D division or E partition, why will appear this phenomenon? The answer is: disk C is NTFS partitions and D or E is the FAT32 drive, because in the DOS confess less than NTFS partitions, when we use DOS FORMAT orders, in fact it formats C or D E. B: user or friends will format division carelessly Data recovery methods: after such fault occurred, the user can remember not to copy any data into division, so as to avoid the data are covered. User can use EasyRecovery, Finaldata, data recovery software to analyze the partition and can rescue part of data. Here is the other guide on how to recover deleted word document with easy.

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How Much Do U Know About the Jailbreak iPad?

Valve Cover Gasket Mar 26, 2012

How much do you know about the Jailbreak iPad?Are you tired and bored with your iPad’s limited features? Do you want to discover more of its other skin yet you don’t know how to? If so, they you definitely need to learn the process on how to Jailbreak iPad. As you can see, consumers like you often decide to jailbreak iPad for the reasons that its features are just limited. These limitations makes you ask for more due to the fact that you device is cool enough. However, issues have been raised that it is not really necessary to jailbreak iPad for most of the features that you really want on a gadget is not that applicable for iPads. Tethering for instance, is no longer needed on an iPad because you can have an iPad with 3G built in. Also, apps that let you hack the camera aren’t needed anymore for it has no camera at all as well as VoIP access are not necessary because iPad isn’t a phone. Given with all these grounds can really make you think if you really needed to jailbreak iPad. Barely had Apple’s iPad 3 seen the light of the day when hardware hackers announced that they have already managed to jailbreak the device.And it wasn’t just one method that the successful hackers used. Hardware enthusiasts managed to find multiple different ways to jailbreak the new iPad, hours after the release of Apple’s latest tab. Hacker Muscle Nerd of iPhone Dev-Team posted pictures on Twitter (you too can follow us on Twitter) showing the new iPad running the Cydia Store for jailbroken devices and a terminal application as proof of his hack. Muscle Nerd added that it was “Just a first step, still lots of work to do!” According to Apple, demand for its new tablet was the strongest the company has ever seen, and that it sold 3 million iPad 3 tablets within the first weekend of its launch. In total, about 55 million iPads have been sold by the Cupertino-based tech giant since it first launched the tablet in 2010. "This must be a great relief for Apple fans who want to have their Apple devices, but don’t want Cupertino-based tech giant to keep it restricted as it wants," it said. It said the first to claim a jailbreak was @Musclenerd, a member of the iPhone Dev Team, who tweeted images showing that he had already jailbroken the device. Shortly after, "teammate" @i0n1c revealed a successful untethered jailbreak by teammate, releasing a video as evidence to his accomplishment. A third tweet by @chpwn and @phoenixdev indicated a third successful jailbreak, and accompanying photos of ipod to mac and the jailbroken new iPad running the Cydia Store. “Jailbroken iPad (3), using a different method by myself and @phoenixdev," The Hacker News quoted them as saying, adding they also posted their URL. The Hacker News noted jailbreaking devices to run third-party software was made legal in 2010 by the U.S. Copyright Office. However, that exemption is set to expire, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is asking people to lobby so that jailbreaking will continue to be protected by law.— TJD, GMA News By reading this article, do u know more about the Jailbreak iPad, and how to Jailbreak iPad? I think, the answer is “yes”.

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A Simple Way to Enjoy the 3D

Valve Cover Gasket Mar 9, 2012

People usually read the common video, of course, the common video are better than the static pictures. But people's quality of life is higher and higher, and they are not content to just see the ordinary video. Now there is a 3 D video is enjoyed by people, for it can make they feel more real, like experience themselves. But this kind of 3 D movies u can see in cinema, or by using a high price to buy a 3 D LCD TV. But now we don't have to like this, enjoy the 3D just using a very simple method-3d converter. Enjoy DVD & videos any way you like! Convert any video in AVI, TIVO, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG etc.Rip DVD movies to videos in MP4, MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV, etc. and burn any video to DVD disc, DVD folder, or ISO files with free provided DVD menu templates to make your DVD unique. Download videos to PC from any video sharing site such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo and so on. Intelligently recognize connected USB devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, PSP, Xbox 360, etc. 3D TV operates through two separate images with slightly different angles, which together in a combined time on the screen. Now,just as we as humans have two ears to listen in stereo, we have two eyes, two different angles of the same image can be seen. When viewing moving images on a 3D TV, wearing special glasses - 3D glasses. The lenses of these glasses block one of the two images are displayed on the screen so that each eye has a slightly different angle of the moving image on the screen. The combination of these images in the brain of the audience let him or her to view the images as a three-dimensional effect. 3DTV is already on the market, with stickers reading "3D-ready TV, which is similar to the" HD Ready "stickers in high definition has been introduced on the market. Now, even if 3D TVs are considered as 'the future' and the replacement of HD TVs, the technology has yet to make inroads in the entertainment district in the homes of consumers. Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one 3D Video Converter for assisting you to convert any normal video like AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, AVCHD MTS/M2TS etc. to 3D video in 3D MKV, 3D MP4, 3D AVI, 3D WMV and 3D YouTube. This 2D to 3D Converteris capable of kinds of 3D enjoyment whatever you have polarization 3D glasses, Anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses, or 3D display using Eclipse method or other 3D technologies. In a word, with a simple method, you can easily enjoy the 3 D. Don't wait and get to go for it.

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iPad Dominant Position

Valve Cover Gasket Mar 7, 2012

iPad Dominant Position Apple's innovative designers deliver a thinner, lighter and indeed, better -version of the original with the iPad 2. Subdivision ipad advantages, iPad Dominant Position iPad,apple is a company issued in 2010 tablet computer, positioning between apple smart phones and laptop computers iPhone between products, connect body only four buttons, and iPhone layout, provide to the Internet and email, watch the ebook, played audio or video, support dvd to ipad converter and other functions. Design source Design director Jonathan Ive The apple iPad was born in Britain by the design director Jonathan • eve (Jonathan Ive) (some translation for Jonathan • ivy) leadership team of the design, the sleek, ltra-thin product reflects the eve of German genius designers Dieter Ram reverence of love. Subdivision ipad advantages : Apple A4 processor: Apple claims A4 chip province excellent electrical performance, equipped with this type of SoC iPad tablet computer chip battery life time can reach up to 10 hours or so, standby time can be more than a month long.Fruit company CEO Steve jobs in Wednesday's iPad conference that: "iPad is made by our own designs chips, we drive apple has an excellent chip independent research and development team. The iPad equipment we independent design of A4 paper chip, this is so far the high-end chip products, the processor core, inside integrated GPU core, I/O core and memory controller, all these functions have been integrated into a strong performance of the A4 chip." Support format: Video format, Use Dock Connector to VGA Adapter, 1024 x 768 pixel can support; Use Apple Component AV Cable can be up to 576 p and 480 p, use Apple Composite AV Cable can be up to 576 I and 480 I.Audio format: Frequency response, 20 Hz and 20000 Hz.The support of the audio formats,AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from the iTunes Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), VBR MP3, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. Play function: In addition to the more light more thin, iPad carries on the apple each product characteristics, have excellent video and audio entertainment. In the entertainment function and its video play function cannot be neglected. IPad in video play function on maintain leading position, support dvd to ipad mac and the current popular 1280 * 720, or 720 P hd video, and even 1920 * 1080 full dipped price advantage: Pad 2 for a generation product some improvement, but the most attractive probably still and a generation product, that is the price. Make this advantage is more outstanding, apple tablet computer in the field of competition have failed to really fight. With the first generation of products like iPad 2 price of just $499. Apple says, since April last year the first generation of the iPad since listing, has sold 15 million units, earned $9.5 billion. Analysts said this is a start, by 2012, the tablet computer the size of the market will soar to 35 billion dollars. 3 G Internet advantage:11 inch Macbook Air can make you caught in the arm underneath rushed out of office to finish the task, if want to quickly finish a demo manuscripts or email, Air feeling it than the touch of iPad keyboard. But if you drink coffee or lunch in the time want to download PDF manuscripts will let you have a headache. Battery life: Pad has long long battery life. The full charge circumstances can work up to 10 hours (ipad2 operation).Ipad these advantages is sure to attract you, it is now everyone favorite's pursuit of a kind of practical and fashion electronic products.

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Where is the Way of Digital Publishing Industry when Ebook Age Comes

Valve Cover Gasket Feb 9, 2012

In this sense, with the aid of electronic appear as reading trend, perhaps it is just a return to reading fun opportunity. When we have been used to information of fragmentation, used to reading utilitarian heart, when we have become more and more difficult to remember the last time get pure pleasure reading when and ebook gave us a chance--though it no ink aroma, lack of collection of fun. Qualified ebook should some appearance Although "electronic reader" this word in recent years in various occasions the news a lot in the high, but not all can see electronic reading product has the qualification to carry the banner. Can be called "electronic reader, at least should meet the following three conditions: First, like a book. Now that to do paper books alternative, the electronic reader should have at least enough "layout", a lot of mobile phones, MP4 players can display TXT, PDF formats such as electronic document, but their screen size is very limited, at best can spend the time as a small tool; And some is the computer screen is enough big, but they shouldn't be like paper books that back pockets, to be taken at any time through. Second, a book flavor. The book is to have life, but the new electronic products usually make people feel that science and technology are surplus, culture scarce, so, electronic reader to in people's reading habits fluctuate, comfortable with visual experience. They usually adopt different from the traditional LCD screen for electronic paper screen, the screen is characteristic of the light, can bend, power consumption is very little, 180 degrees perspective no color difference, resolution close to paper printing, it itself is not to shine, and need to resort to environmental light to be able to display properly, so it is very similar to paper books reading experience. If you have got some great eBooks in MOBI format and want to convert MOBI to ePub for reading on your iPad, you are in the right place now! This page will introduce the best MOBI to ePub software - mobi to ePub converter to help you do that easily and quickly. It can convert mobi to ePub with easy. Reading habits change, is driving the accelerated development of electronic books and the entire American book market to shuffle. especially with marketable famous writer. Industry experts think, if trouble, the famous writer can choose only to publishers sell paper copyright, and through their web site to the form of the ebook sales to create content, even if sales sent many, the income than publishers to electronic royalty’s benefits. Third, a book;. By some module, many electronic reader can through the Internet and manufacturers or the third party suppliers connected online stacks, can download thousands of electronic books, in the content supply for the paper books in the dust. In addition, in order to meet consumers' needs more, some electronic reader also built-in handwritten input, voice reading aloud, multimedia playback, web browsing, etc special functions. Electronic books and ebook reader is a huge potential market. In the U.S., 90% of the readers are also not electronic reader, but many of them are already purchase intention, because on price advantage of the ebook is great. Industry analysts believe that with electronic books, the further enrich the content and electronic reader price rationalization, paper books market accelerate atrophy is an inevitable trend, ebook holds whole book market share a quarter of perhaps has is not far. And as a involving publishing, printing, sales, logistics, warehousing huge industrial chain, the book industry can properly deal with traditional the impact of electronic books. Ebook once considered the natural enemy of paper books. In order to control the ebook sales of books and the influence of price, some publishers choose in paper books listed after period of time to issue another electronic version, and some writers flat even refuse to sell its choice of electronic books, such as "harry potter author. However, paper books and electronic books on amazon.com bring out the best in each other, give the whole American book industry new revelation. In the ebook market, Amazon and its Kindle reader occupied 70% market share. In the paper books of the dominant in the whole United States book market, Kindle reader also consolidate market share for Amazon to play a key role. Into the Kindle ebooks purpose paper books, amazon.com sales of the us market to 30% to 40%, and continue to increase in share. On the other hand, the Amazon in ebook market ahead, also benefits from its first super paper books supply chain, and can therefore offer than other electronic bookseller more content.it still has huge price advantage. When you buy a PDF ebook, and want to view it on kindle or iPad, sometimes, it can not support PDF ebook, so to view PDF ebook on reader perfectly; you need to PDF to ePub converter software.

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E-book Has Taken over the Advantage over the Standard Publications

Valve Cover Gasket Feb 7, 2012

Electronic ebook reader certainly seems into the long term. It will not be much too very long before we are all studying making use of this format. Viewers can have the choice to enlarge fonts generating perusing additional obvious and readable therefore will promote more perusing. Because it doesn’t use paper, saving trees and natural environment. it really is believed that our grandchildren or great-grandchildren will probably be applying electronic viewers as their primary approach of studying. An ebook reader is incredibly distinctive from a laptop computer or possibly a cell phone, This may be anything from digital model of conventional publications into a more interactive content hyperlinks and multimedia. To conclude, e-book has taken over the advantage over the standard publications. The advantages over the traditional e-book have presented the visitors the opportunity to acquire extra studying at cheaper prices and no storage needed. Even though physical publications, magazines and newspapers will not likely vanish overnight (and ideally by no means), Digital publications are books which might be in digital format which could be are study in an electronic unit like personal computers, kindle along with other model of e-book studying devices. Some people are attempting to buy the very best ebook reader they can acquire inside their price range and that can be tricky should you really don’t understand what each of the many attributes are. And knowing the capabilities which are necessary to you can generate a significant difference in how much you fork out.In the 21 st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, a new concept-ebook are slowly walking into the life of people. Ebook appeared in the 1990 s, first subject to the computer system is not perfect, handheld reading the lack of equipment and readers of the traditional reading habit and development is slow, but this new way of reading has caused people, especially young people of great interest. With the rapid development of computer network technology, the above problems are already get a great degree of solution, ebook reading has already is the future of reading a trend. Experts predict by the year 2020, global network publishing of books sales will more than traditional publishing paper books. Ebook market is taken off. The best reader allows you to go through what ever you desire at any time, anyplace. You need to have the ability to browse rapidly and browse anything from a new top-selling ebook to an older classic. But when the ebook are protected by PDF password, you can need PDF Password cracker software to remove protection, and then you need a best PDF converter software to edit your ebook. Very best of all, after you purchase the product, you may get potential updates or additions very easily. It is actually simple to see why this product is the sizzling item on the industry. The Oxford Dictionary defined it as “an digital version of printed book”. It could be go through as superior since the classic ones only there’re in an electronic sort. No more waiting time with the ebook to arrive. No much more going out towards the e-book keep selecting your books. Extra and more digital publications are now being printed for the reason that there’re much less expensive and will be downloaded promptly. It could be stored and saved better compared with paper therefore it will be preserved lengthier. For the future, it had some ebook update ideas. "I like to go through it, the hands lift the book is optional one page. But the feeling in the now can't find the ebook is to, you can read the first page from the list." said, his ideal of e-books, best can open a page, and then the touch screen with your finger on seamlessly fast content. Turn to page which interested, settle the page and began to read. Of course, these ideas are not cannot achieve. Technology progress fast, quickly will some concept into reality. Soon appear the ebook, perhaps more people imagine now outshone. "Electronic ink" the giant screen, its old total have revealed to the media, at the end of 2010 before the, the too technology development to market will forget the product--soft, color and has the function of the touch screen and electronic show. Oftentimes regular publications, especially hardback textbooks, can become major and awkward to carry soon after some chapters. It isn’t going to make any difference when you author a substantial calibre e book reader or else you have go through one of many wonderful e-book, A person swipe of a finger will turn a web page of an e-book, holding the web page open up uninterruptedly. but if you may have the best computer software for reader of book, you’ll be able to browse anything at all you need. As a result of the state-of-the-art technology in which software package was made to compliment book reader.

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The Key Factors You Have to Note when Choosing PPT AS Teaching Tool

Valve Cover Gasket Jan 18, 2012

Note in multimedia teaching design real background. Application of multimedia teaching should provide rich and the actual background material, it reflects the knowledge in actual use in the method, it requires consideration of the complexity of the practical problems and to explore, for students to form his own cognitive structure. For example, in the computer teaching, often in classroom teaching of boring, students without interest, but in multimedia teaching environment, through the animation, graphics, sound show, plus teachers pellucid explain students in imperceptible middle school to knowledge. So students can in the original cognitive structure and life experience, and on the basis of the concept of our identity and the way of thinking, and to internalize the new cognitive structure, forms its new concept and the way of thinking. The multimedia teaching can be understood as the traditional teaching basis increases the multimedia (including computer) in this special tools teaching, it can't give up all of the traditional teaching method. So in the design the multimedia tutorials, want to hold a lot of media use of the time, dealing with the multimedia and chalk, blackboard, the ordinary AIDS, the relationship between language, especially to consider the time factor, deal with a lot of media teaching time (here is mainly refers to operating time) and timely lectures, blackboard writing, interactive and reflection of the relationship between time. Such as the conclusion of a few words on the blackboard writing on the blackboard, is not necessarily than the slide show low efficiency, because it saves time of operation. In recitation, multimedia and large capacity is efficient, but must pay attention to the middle of the pause, ensure that students down the main points, or, the need to do in advance knowledge of students notes printed out, after class to every student, so that more can improve the efficiency of the recitation. That is to say, the students in this interactive learning environment are the active participation of the possible, but it's not all arranged by teachers, students can only passive acceptance. According to cognitive learning theory, knowledge of people not outside stimulation to directly, but outside stimulation and people's internal psychological processes interact to produce, must exert students' initiative and enthusiasm, can obtain the effective cognitive, this initiative for the initiative and enthusiasm of the students of created very good conditions play. For some special needs in school, we can convert PowerPoint to video file and play it on any of digital player at any place. Just with PowerPoint to flash software, is a powerful learning and training PowerPoint to flash software to create flash-based interactive content from PowerPoint slide shows with SCORM/AICC compliance for LMS. According to different stages and the different content, the multimedia teaching process, form, content, time arrangement should be different, that we have the consensus. There is, however, a little seems to be many multimedia program designers have ignored, and that is: the layer teaching. For different students, use different teaching methods and different exercises, examination, and the evaluation method, it is also a great as multimedia, is also to the traditional teaching reform. According to the different types of students use different software and multimedia tools, the same software should also consider the different types of students, including: different basis and ability, different psychological characteristics and personality, different learning interest and the method. The idea that has been proposed, only in the computer, multimedia technology, highly development today has out of the question. There are the teaching thought of software is little, depends on our teaching idea the renewal and the joint efforts of the teachers. By many years of practice, now talk about using multimedia courseware PPT auxiliary effective teaching reflection. if you are suffering how to display your elaborate PowerPoint presentation, here we highly recommend turn your PPT to AVI files. Modern teaching uses a variety of information technology into the classroom teaching in a fundamental change, a new method of teaching mode of education thought. It is the classroom education management standardization; promote innovation education of a kind of means, even for classroom teaching provides more favorable and intuitive teaching conditions. We advocate innovation education, in the choice of teaching methods should be pay more attention to the use of multimedia assisted teaching means

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Download YouTube Videos to Kindle Fire

Valve Cover Gasket Jan 13, 2012

As the popularity of tablet PC, such as Kindle Fire, people would like to bring this subject dear to their heart any where they go. Kindle Fire offers a great platform for people to entertain. People would like to watch movies and. Being one of the biggest video-sharing website, YouTube enables users to upload, view and share videos for it. There are a wide range of user-generated videos including movie clips, TV clips, music videos, video blogging and short original videos on it. Many Kindle Fire users like to download YouTube videos to Kindle Fire for entertainment. However, most videos are beyond the compatible format of Kindle Fire. So we have to rip dvd to kindle fire to friendly format. If there were a software combine these two functions into one, all would go well. Of course there is. This free best dvd to kindle fire converter is just this software which can download movies online and convert movies to Kindle Fire. With stable performance, this software will not get any data loss neither in process of downloading or conversion. It is also very easy to use, so you needn't worry about that. 4 Steps to Download YouTube Videos to Kindle Fire Step1. Run the software and click "Download" button. There will be a dialog as below pops up. Enter the URL of the YouTube video and click "Add" to add the URL to the download list. Step2. Then click "Download" of the UI, and the software will download the YouTube videos add the videos to the file list for you. Step3. Go to "Profile" to define MP4 as the output quality. If you like, you can go to "Advanced" to get more output settings. Step4. Ok, the last step is to press "Convert" to fire up the process. The speed of the conversion depends on the sizes of the videos. When the process is done, you can enjoy these YouTube videos on Kindle Fire freely. So cool. Actually, this software is also compatible with Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, Mobile Phones, Arches, game Hardware, SONY Walkman, Dell Player and more. After conversion, you know so easy! With this software, you can enjoy to convert video to kindle fire with any movies without limit! Don't you want to get such a nice Kindle Fire mate? Now, you may have known how to download YouTube videos on Kindle Fire, just put YouTube videos to Kindle Fire and enjoy it!

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Eight Ferraris wrecked in million-dollar pileup

Valve Cover Gasket Dec 5, 2011

Authorities in Japan were still reconstructing Monday how eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a few Mercedes-Benzes wrecked on an expressway Sunday morning, coating the road in an Italian red metal sauce worth more than $1 million. It’s not a sight for those squeamish about totaled supercars. Some 14 cars in all were involved in the chain-reaction crash on an expressway named China Road in Yamaguchi prefecture, leaving 10 peopledr dre headphone with minor injuries. While the injuries were light, several of the vehicles appear totaled. How did so many Ferraris end up on the road together? The group — which Japanese police officials calledchep dr dre beats “a gathering of narcissists” — were driving to adre headphone supercar meet-up in Hiroshima, where about 100 vehicles were expected to show. As one driver who was invited along but passed noted, it was unusual for such a drive to take the expressway — where speeds are closely monitored and traffic can be thicker due to lower tolls on Sundays. Even so, the Ferraris were estimated to have been running between 80 mph and 100 mph when the crash happened. Police and video reports say the wreck began when a 60-year-old businessman from Fukushima driving a Ferrari F430cheap monster beats attempted to pass a Toyota Prius, but instead hit the guardrail. That set off a chain reaction among the cars driving in a tight formation behind the lead Ferrari, eventually wrapping up seven other Ferraris — namely a 360 Modena, F355 and a white Testarossa — along with a Lamborghini Diablo and a couple of high-end Mercedes. The Prius sustained some rear bumper damage, but escaped relatively unharmed.

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  • 20" Staggered Size Wheels 275 BMW 3.0 4.4 4.6 4.8 X5 Rims

    by on Sep 18, 2012 - 0 Comments

    Set of Four New 20" Staggered Size BMW 275 Replica Wheels "No Tires", 5x120mm Lug Pattern, with 74.1mm Center Bore. Two 20x10" (40mm offset) and Two 20x11" (+35mm offset), for E53, E70 BMW X5 models.. also E71 X5 models. Note: 74.1mm to 72.56mm Hub Rings will be included "FREE of Charge" for early model BMW […]


    by on Sep 5, 2010 - 0 Comments

    BRAND NEW 2011 BMW 20" WHEELS & TIRES. Style 336. For X5 & X6. This is a brand new dealer takeoff set of original OEM (not replicas!!) BMW 20" 336 wheels & tires. Tires are BRIDGESTONE DUELER H/P SPORT RUNFLATS These are sharp looking wheels! Make your X5 or X6 stand out! As you can […]

  • 20" BMW X5 Style 214 Staggered Wheels & Rims OEM

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    Home About Us Top Sellers Shipping Payment Customer Care 20" BMW X5 E53 Style 214 Staggered Wheels & Rims OEM Specifications: Condition Brand New Quantity Set of 4-wheels Brand BMW Replica Wheels Make Alloy Structure One Piece Finish All Flat Matte Black Front Size 20x9.5 Offset 45 Rear Size 20x10.5 Offset ET 50 Bolt Pattern […]

  • BMW X5 E70 Genuine Factory OEM 82710404320 Profile Roof Rack Cross Bars

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    I bought this BMW OEM bike rack from BMW Dallas on Lemmon Ave 2 months ago for $300. They are brand new and in perfect condition. I am selling because I sold my X5 for an M3.I have a low and reasonable reserve and would like to sell asap. Fitting Model Year 2007 - 2012Made […]

  • 22" BMW STYLE X5 3.0 4.4 4.8 WHEELS AND TIRES - STYLE 300M RIMS

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