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[23 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

Reading books on Nook can have great fun regardless of for the learning purpose or entertainment. If you can find some free books for Nook, it would be better because everyone wants to save your hard earned money. The Barnes & Noble e-book reader Nook supports the EPUB and PDF file formats, so finding free e-books online is pretty easy. If you like classic literature, you can find lots of it for free, because most of the titles are in the public domain. The Nook also supports audio books that …

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[22 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

Do you have a NookTablet or NookColor? Have you met the problem that the storage is not enough on them? B&N has chosen to ship the ereaders with most of the internal storage partitioned so that only the stuff you buy from B&N can go on it. You cannot even see that space, much less copy files to it. B&N is about ready to release a fix for this. Starting 12 March, you can bring your Nook Tablet into a Barnes & Noble store and have the Nookseller rearrange the …

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[1 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

Apple has become dominant in many areas. For instance MP3 player, or music downloads, or smart phones. Each one of these product categories existed before Apple came along, and each fallen under the influence – if not the control – of Apple. We can show that there are plenty of smaller, struggling competitors in all of these areas. Apple generally hasn’t bought out smaller competitors or undertaken an overt campaign to eliminate the competition. Apple appears on the surface to coexist with competitors. After Apple last week announced new software, …

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[30 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]

Lots of people have their eyes on a PDF ebook reader, which can demonstrate to become rather a expensive purchase. Since they can be out of print and out of copyright, no one has taken the time to accurately convert them to ebook format, so PDF is a only format they’re available in. The nice news is usually that there are actually ways to seek out them affordably. You just really ought to know the budget you are doing work with. When you can see, purchasing your PDF e-book reader …